By Ron

ron12-04-082Just a 58 year old Christian, serving as an elder at Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita, California. In addition to serving as board secretary and our Among Friends Sunday ABF. I have a passion for teaching and preaching God’s word. I especially like to see young men and women come to a point where they make their faith their own. I beleive God has gifted me as a teacher to do just that, help them discover their faith in God!

I started this blog over two years ago, but have just recently revamped and am committing to adding to it on a regular basis. The original blog was called “In My Father’s House”, but when I converted the blog to WordPress, that name was already taken. Hence the subtle change to “In His Father’s House”. In either case, it is a tribute to my Heavenly Father and His grace, mercy, and love for me and my family.

In this blog I will endeavor to share with you my heart, my passion and my understanding of God’s wonderful and inexhaustible riches found in His Word. Comment, inquire, or just say “hi” when you’re moved to do so. I’d love to hear from you. Until then, God Bless & Grace To You (a.k.a. GB&G2U).


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