Some Good Parenting/Schooling Insights

Okay, so the title seems a bit daunting, but the article I attach is still worth reading for the insight Reb Bradley brings to the topic. I gleaned this off of the Josh Harris blog: (Homeschool Blindspots).

Regardless of the title, I think the article speaks to more than just home schooling our children. I struggled with sharing it though, because I don’t want anyone to feel judged or criticized by Mr. Bradley’s observations or any of my remarks. I am not putting myself, Mr. Bradley or Pastor Harris in a position of great authority here. I just think the article does a good job of highlighting our motives in parenting our children as we have chosen to do. The fact of the matter is there is a lot you can do to make sure your children are influenced by godly principles. However, as they grow, your children will make decisions based on their upbringing and their personal walk with our Lord (or perhaps, even out of a lack of that relationship). Far more important than any school  urriculum is how you live your faith in Jesus Christ out before your children’s eyes and ears.

Consistency of belief, applied in a life’s walk, communicates deeper truths to their hearts than anything they will read or learn in a classroom setting. Please don’t take this is the wrong way: in  your efforts to raise “godly seed,” your actions will communicating more about your real faith, regardless of the Biblical content of your words. Living a life informed by and conformed to the Gospel is what makes a lasting impression on our children’s lives. I, like Mr. Bradley in the article, have my own regrets in how I brought my two ladies up, but in the end, I’ve always trusted in our Lord for their ultimate protection, provision, and maturity. We rarely get any “do-overs” in parenting, so we must make the most of our opportunities when we get them. Take encouragement from this article and let me know if you have any feedback.



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