This link is to a video slide show set to Sparrow recording artist Steven Curtis CINDERELLAChapman’s song “Cinderella“. My daughter put it up on her Facebook page today, and some of you may have already seen it, but I thought with Father’s day right around the corner, this was an appropriate acknowledgement to all of you fathers, soon to be fathers, and someday fathers out there.

It obviously favors dads of daughters, but given my background and experience (raising two daughters) it kind of makes sense to me. I really want to urge each of you men who either have a little “Cinderella” of your own or married someone else’s “Cinderella” to click the link, take the 4-5 minutes to sit down, watch the slides, and let the words of the song penetrate your hearts.

 I wrote on my own Facebook page this afternoon that I’m praying for rest of this week for all the men I know who are fathers. Young or old, ours is an awesome privilege and responsibility. It is my heartfelt prayer that each of us will handle that blessing wisely and for the honor and glory of our Lord!

anne_geddes_baby_handGod has placed into our hands, gentlemen, the most precious of gifts; the lives of our little ones and the privilege to lead them to trust our beloved Savior. Love and cherish them as they grow, and watch in awe as the Lord, by His grace, matures them into godly men and women. Tears are unavoidably shed along the way and challenges will befall both you and your children, but know that our Lord Jesus Christ is walking the path before you.

 For the fathers reading this, after you’ve had a chance to view the video, please take a moment to thank God for your families and, if they’re near, give your kids a hug and kiss, as only a father can!

 God Bless and Grace 2 U,


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